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GulfDataAtlas/BOEM_ChemosyntheticCommunities (MapServer)

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Service Description: Deep in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, in the aphotic zone where sunlight is filtered completely to reveal the darkness, lives the unique ecosystem of chemosynthetic communities. They exist in scattered patches of habitat where hydrocarbons seep up slowly through the seafloor. The food chain for this ecosystem relies on primary producers that consume methanes and sulfides rather than performing photosynthesis

Map Name: Known Chemosynthetic Communities


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Layers: Description: Chemosynthetic sites are points showing the approximate location of chemosynthetic communities in the Gulf of Mexico. This data does not identify all the chemosynthetic communities in the Gulf of Mexico. It identifies communities that have been verified to exist. The data represents a point in the gulf whereas a chemosynthetic community inherently will actually dwell in an area.

Copyright Text: Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Gulf of Mexico OCS Region

Spatial Reference: 102100  (3857)

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