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GulfDataAtlas/NCCOS_CoralHabitatSuitability (MapServer)

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Service Description: Framework-forming deep-sea corals are an important living marine resource, providing three-dimensional habitat structure for fishes and invertebrates and forming oases of biodiversity. Unfortunately, their slow growth rates and vulnerability to distance pose challenges to their survival; and due to the logistical difficulty and expense of deep-sea exploration, much less is known about their distribution than that of their shallow-water counterparts. Predictive modeling of deep-sea coral habitat can provide this critical information which supports conservation efforts, management of offshore activities affecting the seafloor and guides future exploration. Habitat modeling also lends insights into the environmental factors driving the distribution of these corals, increasing our understanding of how these unique ecosystems function.

Map Name: Coral Habitat Suitability


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Layers: Description: This habitat suitability map includes all deep coral that can provide significant three-dimensional structure. In this region that includes stony corals (Scleractinia), black corals (Antipatharia), gorgonians, and certain soft corals (Alcyonacea).

Copyright Text: National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS), NOS, NOAA, Department of Commerce

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