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GulfDataAtlas/SocialVulnerabilityIndicators_FishingCommunities_GulfCoast (MapServer)

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Service Description: This set of community social vulnerability indicators (CSVI), developed by NOAA Fisheries, provide a statistically robust means of measuring the vulnerability of fishing communities to social disruptions, gentrification, and changes in fishing dependence. The CSVI are used to describe and evaluate community resilience terms of social, economic and psychological welfare by providing a snapshot of community well-being as measured by its vulnerability to disruptive events. The CSVI cover 3 categories: social vulnerability, gentrification pressure, and fishing engagement and reliance. Social vulnerability indices address vulnerabilities that may be present in any coastal community regardless of the importance of fishing, such as poverty, the number of minorities and crime. Gentrification pressure indices cover those factors that may indicate a threat to the viability of commercial and recreational fishing communities and businesses such as retiree migration and urban sprawl. Fishing engagement and reliance indices indicate the importance or level of dependence on commercial and/or recreational fishing of communities in coastal counties. Three CSVI examples for the Gulf of Mexico are shown in this map: poverty, retiree migration, and commercial fishing engagement.

Map Name: Community Social Vulnerability Indicators - U.S Gulf Coast


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Layers: Description: Social indicators are numerical measures that describe the well-being of individuals or communities. Indicators are comprised of one variable or several components combined into an index. They are used to describe and evaluate community well-being in terms of social, economic and psychological welfare. This map shows the fishing engagement and reliance of commercial fishing on the gulf coast communities. Factors included with this index are value of landings, number of commercial fishing permits, dealers with landings, and pounds of landings.

Copyright Text: Michael Jepson, National Marine Fisheries Service, Southeast Regional Office; Lisa L. Colburn, National Marine Fisheries Service, Northeast Fisheries Science Center

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