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Generate KML (NMSP/FGB)

    Mooring Buoys - 2016(0)
    Oil and Gas Platforms - MMS(1)
    Buoys - NDBC(2)
    Dive Tracks - FGBNMS(3)
    Bathymetry - Regional(4)
    Oil and Gas Pipelines - MMS(5)
    Shipping Fairways(6)
    National Marine Sanctuaries(7)
    No Activity Zone(8)
    Outside No Activity Zone(9)
    Coral Reef Zone(10)
    Coralline Reef Zone(11)
    Algal Nodules(12)
    Coral Community Zone(13)
    Deep Coral Zone(14)
    Soft Bottom Habitat(15)
    Gulf of Mexico - HAPC(16)
    Lease Blocks - MMS(17)
    FDA Advisories (10 mile)(18)
    FDA Advisories (50 mile)(19)
    Gulf of Mexico Gazetteer(20)
    Bank Locations(21)
    Deep Water Horizon Rig Location(22)
    Artificial Reefs (LDWF)(23)
    Artificial Reefs (TPWD)(24)
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