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Layer: Northeast Ecological Corridor Reserve, Puerto Rico (2014) (ID: 116)

Sub Layers: Name: Northeast Ecological Corridor Reserve, Puerto Rico (2014)

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Type: Group Layer

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Description: This benthic habitat map was created from a semi-automated feature classification process of geostatistical bathymetry models, satellite imagery, and a principle component analysis of the 0-30m waters of the Northeast Ecological Reserve, Puerto Rico. The area of interest includes the nearshore waters of Fajardo and Luqillo to the Former Roosevelt Roads Navy Base, the Vieques Sound, La Cordillera Reserve, the Luis Pena Reserve, and the waters around Culebra Island. The benthic habitat map is classified based on 1) geomorphological structure, 2) hard bottom cover, 3) topographic complexity, 4) dominant biological cover, and 5) live coral cover. Underwater photo and video data was collected for the ground validation and the accuracy assessment of the map to correct any bias from the remote sensing and geostatistical modeling, and analyzed for biological and ecological data of the NER not attainable from the imagery. Habitat features are described by varying levels of detail (i.e., major and minor categories nested within them), so users can depict the habitat information that best suits their research or management needs. For more information, see

Copyright Text: NOAA/NOS/NCCOS/MSE/Biogeography Branch

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