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nccos/BenthicMapping_USVIInsularShelf2017 (MapServer)

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Service Description: This geodatabase contains the benthic habitat maps, along with predictors and coefficients of variation for the insular shelf south of St. Thomas and St. John. Also contained within the database are the boundaries of shorelines and marine protected areas, the locations of ground validation and accuracy assessment sites, and results from fisheries acoustics surveys from the 2004-2010 Nancy Foster Seafloor mapping missions. This database will be used for the NCCOS Biomapper web mapping service which will provide users a platform to view the benthic habitat mapping layers of the Insular Shelf project

Map Name: BIOMapper Insular Shelf, USVI


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Layers: Description: The main objective of this project was to produce new, highly detailed maps of the extent and distribution of the bottom habitat features within the insular shelf south of St. Thomas and St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI). The project was based on high resolution bathymetry, use of ground validation data, modelling the probability of occurrence of individual substrate and cover types, combining model layers into a classified benthic map, and a spatial accuracy assessment using independent field data. This seafloor mapping and characterization work was funded mainly by NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation Program, and led by NOAA's National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science in close partnership with U.S. Geological Survey, NOAA’s Office of Marine and Aircraft Operations NOAA ship Nancy Foster, NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey, National Park Service, Caribbean Fishery Management Council, U.S. Virgin Islands, Department of Planning and Natural Resources, Puerto Rico’s Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, University of the Virgin Islands, University of Puerto Rico, and Solmar Hydro and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington Undersea Vehicles Program.

Copyright Text: Bryan Costa, Laura Kracker, Will Sautter, Tim Battista

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