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Legend (nccos/BiogeographicAssessments_NCCOS_LakeMichigan)

Sanctuary Boundary (1)
Lake Protected Areas (2)
Commercial Trawl Grounds (3)
Great Lakes States and Provinces (4)
Counties (5)
Coastal Townships (6)
Shipwrecks (8)
Known Known
Potential Potential
High-resolution Topography (10)
High-resolution Bathymetry (11)
Low-resolution Bathymetry (12)
Sidescan Imagery (13)
Ground-truth Photos and Videos (14)
Lakebed Color (15)
Collection Sensor Types (16)
Lead Line assumed Lead Line assumed
Digital Echo Sounder Digital Echo Sounder
Multibeam Multibeam
Sidescan Sidescan
Collection Time Periods (17)
1900-1939 1900-1939
1940-1991 1940-1991
1992-2002 1992-2002
2003-2017 2003-2017
Contours (m) (19)
0 - 10 0 - 10
11 - 30 11 - 30
31 - 50 31 - 50
51 - 100 51 - 100
101 - 150 101 - 150
151 - 200 151 - 200
201 - 250 201 - 250
251 - 275 251 - 275
Substrate (22)
clay clay
hard hard
mud mud
sand sand
GLAHF Shoreline (Simplified) (24)
Artificial Artificial
Natural, High Slope Natural, High Slope
Natural, Low Slope Natural, Low Slope
GLAHF Shoreline (Detailed) (25)
Artificial Artificial
Coarse Grain Flat Coast Coarse Grain Flat Coast
Coastal Wetland/ Riparian Zone Coastal Wetland/ Riparian Zone
N/A -- Mixed Beach N/A -- Mixed Beach
Rocky Cliffs/ Bluffs Rocky Cliffs/ Bluffs
Sand Beach Sand Beach
Sediment Scarp Sediment Scarp
ESI Shoreline (Simplified) (26)
Manmade Manmade
Natural Natural
ESI Shoreline (Detailed) (27)
10B+-Freshwater marshes (most sens) 10B+-Freshwater marshes (most sens)
10B-Extensive Wetlands 10B-Extensive Wetlands
10A+-Salt- and brackish-water marsh (most sens) 10A+-Salt- and brackish-water marsh (most sens)
10A-Salt- and brackish-water marsh 10A-Salt- and brackish-water marsh
9B+-Vegetated low banks (most sens) 9B+-Vegetated low banks (most sens)
9B-Vegetated low banks 9B-Vegetated low banks
9A-Sheltered vegetated low banks 9A-Sheltered vegetated low banks
8A+-Sheltered scarps in bedrock 8A+-Sheltered scarps in bedrock
9A+-Sheltered tidal flats (most sens) 9A+-Sheltered tidal flats (most sens)
8B-Sheltered, solid man-made structures 8B-Sheltered, solid man-made structures
8A-Sheltered rocky shores 8A-Sheltered rocky shores
6B+-Riprap (most sens) 6B+-Riprap (most sens)
6B-Riprap 6B-Riprap
6A+-Gravel beaches (most sens) 6A+-Gravel beaches (most sens)
5+-Mixed sand and gravel beach (most sens) 5+-Mixed sand and gravel beach (most sens)
6A-Gravel beaches 6A-Gravel beaches
5-Mixed sand and gravel beach 5-Mixed sand and gravel beach
4+-Coarse-grained sand beach (most sens) 4+-Coarse-grained sand beach (most sens)
4-Coarse-grained sand beach 4-Coarse-grained sand beach
3A-Fine to medium-grained sand 3A-Fine to medium-grained sand
2A-Exposed wave-cut platforms in bedrock 2A-Exposed wave-cut platforms in bedrock
1B-Exposed, solid man-made structures 1B-Exposed, solid man-made structures
1A-Exposed rocky shores 1A-Exposed rocky shores
Watershed Flowlines (28)
Watersheds (29)
Lake Michigan Wetlands (30)
Upwelling (50)
High : 35 High : 35
Low : 0 Low : 0
Spawning Nursery Sites (32)
Alewife Alewife
Bloater Bloater
Burbot Burbot
Emerald shiner Emerald shiner
Lake herring Lake herring
Lake trout Lake trout
Lake whitefish Lake whitefish
Rainbow smelt Rainbow smelt
Slimy sculpin Slimy sculpin
Smallmouth bass Smallmouth bass
Walleye Walleye
Yellow perch Yellow perch
Spawning Nursery Locations (33)
Reef Locations (34)
Historic Fish Spawning Areas (35)
Lake Herring Lake Herring
Lake Trout Lake Trout
Yellow Perch Yellow Perch
Sturgeon Spawning Locations (36)
Extirpated Extirpated
Healthy Healthy
Remnant Remnant
Unknown Unknown
EPA Long Term Monitoring Stations (39)
Milwaukee monitoring stations (40)