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    Submersible Dives(901)
    Submersible Dives(902)
    Bathymetric Contours(903)
    Southeast Atlantic(1)
      Southeast Atlantic - Area of Interest(101)
      Deep Sea Organism Presence(700)
        Sponge Presence(701)
        Sea Pen Presence(702)
        Coral Presence(703)
      Marine Managed Areas(104)
        Existing Management Area(1041)
        Fishery Access Area(1042)
        Fishery Closure(1043)
        Gear Restriction Area(1044)
        Habitat Area of Particular Concern(1045)
        Management Area(1046)
        Marine Protected Area(1047)
        National Marine Sanctuary(1048)
        National Marine Sanctuary Research Area(1049)
        Research Reserve(10410)
        Restricted Area(10411)
        Sanctuary Preservation Area(10412)
        Seasonal Fishery Closure(10413)
        Special-Use Area(10414)
        Special Research Area(10415)
      Habitat Suitability Models(105)
        Continuous Output(1051)
          Enallopsammia profunda(10514)
          Framework-forming Scleractinia(10515)
          Gorgonian Alcyonaceae(10516)
          Lophelia pertusa(10518)
          Madrepora oculata(10519)
          Non-framework forming Scleractinia(105110)
          Non-gorgonian Alcyonaceae(105111)
        Categorized Output(1052)
          Enallopsammia profunda(10524)
          Framework-forming Scleractinia(10525)
          Gorgonian Alcyonaceae(10526)
          Lophelia pertusa(10528)
          Madrepora oculata(10529)
          Non-framework forming Scleractinia(105210)
          Non-gorgonian Alcyonaceae(105211)
      Undersea Features(106)
      Inventory of Seafloor Mapping Surveys(107)
        Data Type(1071)
        Primary Sensor Type(1072)
        Secondary Sensor Type(1073)
        Data Time Period(1054)
        Survey Tracklines for Missing Footprints(1055)
    Gulf of Mexico(2)
      Gulf of Mexico - Area of Interest(201)
      Deep Sea Organism Presence(802)
        Sponge Presence(803)
        Sea Pen Presence(804)
        Coral Presence(805)
      Marine Managed Areas(204)
        Marine Protected Areas(2041)
          Archeological Site(20411)
          Biologically Sensitive Underwater Feature(20412)
          Conservation Area(20413)
          Ecological Reserve(20414)
          Fishery Closure(20415)
          Gear Restriction Area(20416)
          Habitat Area of Particular Concern(20417)
          Marine Reserve(20418)
          National Marine Sanctuary(20419)
          Seasonal Fishery Closure(204110)
          Shipwreck Preserve(204111)
        Essential Fish Habitat(2042)
          Coastal Migratory Pelagics(20421)
          Red Drum(20422)
          Reef Fish(20423)
          Spiny Lobster(20426)
        Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary Expansion Alternatives(2043)
          Alternative I(20431)
          Alternative II(20432)
          Alternative III(20433)
          Alternative IV(20434)
          Alternative V(20435)
        Amendment 9: Proposed HAPCs with Regulations(800)
        Amendment 9: Proposed HAPCs No Regulations(801)
      Habitat Suitability Models(205)
        Continuous Output(2051)
          Gorgonian Alcyonacea(20512)
          Non-gorgonian Alcyonacea(20513)
          All Framework-forming Corals(20514)
          Bebryce spp.(20516)
          Callogorgia spp.(20517)
          Family Ellisellidae(20518)
          Family Gorgoniidae(20519)
          Hypnogorgia spp.(205110)
          Family Isididae(205111)
          Lophelia pertusa(205112)
          Madracis spp.(205113)
          Madrepora spp.(205114)
          Family Paramuriceidae(205115)
          Family Plexauridae(205116)
          All Scleractinia(205117)
          Framework-forming Scleractinia(205118)
          Non-framework forming Scleractinia(205119)
        Categorized Output(2052)
          Gorgonian Alcyonacea(20522)
          Non-gorgonian Alcyonacea(20523)
          All Framework-forming Corals(20524)
          Bebryce spp.(20526)
          Callogorgia spp.(20527)
          Family Ellisellidae(20528)
          Family Gorgoniidae(20529)
          Hypnogorgia spp.(205210)
          Family Isididae(205211)
          Lophelia pertusa(205212)
          Madracis spp.(205213)
          Madrepora spp.(205214)
          Family Paramuriceidae(205215)
          Family Plexauridae(205216)
          All Scleractinia(205217)
          Framework-forming Scleractinia(205218)
          Non-framework forming Scleractinia(205219)
      Undersea Features(206)
      Inventory of Seafloor Mapping Surveys(207)
        Data Type(2071)
        Primary Sensor Type(2072)
        Secondary Sensor Type(2073)
        Data Time Period(2074)
        Survey Tracklines for Missing Footprints(2075)
      Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM)(208)
        Oil and Gas Platforms(2081)
        Oil and Gas Pipelines(2082)
        BOEM Lease Blocks(2083)
      Caribbean - Area of Interest(301)
      Deep Sea Organism Presence(600)
        Sponge Presence(601)
        Sea Pen Presence(602)
        Coral Presence(603)
      Marine Managed Areas(304)
        Area of Particular Concern(3041)
        DRNA - Designation in Process(3042)
        Marine Conservation District(3043)
        Marine Extension(3044)
        Marine Natural Reserve(3045)
        Marine Park(3046)
        Marine Reserve(3047)
        Marine Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary(3048)
        National Estuarine Research Reserve(3049)
        National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve(30410)
        National Monument(30411)
        National Park(30412)
        Natural Reserve(30413)
        Seasonal Fishery Closure(30414)
        State Forest(30415)
        State Forest - Biosphere Reserve(30516)
        Wildlife Refuge(30517)
      Undersea Features(306)
      Inventory of Seafloor Mapping Surveys(307)
        Data Type(3071)
        Primary Sensor Type(3072)
        Secondary Sensor Type(3073)
        Data Time Period(3074)
        Survey Tracklines for Missing Footprints(3075)
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